About the Products and Shipping

Brianna Bear Art

About the Products and Shipping

When it comes to watching our environmental impact Brianna Bear Art wanted to go the route of printing on demand of their products to ensure nothing went to waste, waiting and collecting dust in storage. 

All products are produced by a Canadian company, Art of Where. This is a community driven production studio that custom creates high quality wearable garments and accessories printed with artwork. They combine the worlds of art, paper, print, sewing and locally made goods with only the best raw materials to realize artwork on a wide range of mediums. Their goal is to manufacture high quality printed products that handle everything from printing, sewing and quality control in house. 

When it comes to refunds you have 24hours before reaching out to cancel your order before we are no longer able to issue you a refund of your funds and the products you have ordered. Your order will be confirmed once the 24hours have passed and you will receive an email from the store owner Brianna. 

Then once confirmed your order will be on its way to you within two to three weeks dependent on your quantity of items and work it may take the source to create. But we can assure you that it is well worth the wait for the beautiful quality Art of Where Provides. 

Hychka Siem, Thank you for supporting my artistic journey,